Receive Personalized Service and Prompt Care from Charlotte’s Dr. Peery

As a patient of Dr. Walton S. Peery, expect a different kind of dental care experience – one where your needs come first and your long-lasting oral health is our top priority. Dr. Peery and our experienced team provide a broad range of dental services, including general and preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and laser dentistry. Dr. Peery wants your smile to last a lifetime. He focuses on preventing dental problems and will recommend treatments that he feels best address your specific concerns.

At our Charlotte dental office, Dr. Peery will work closely with you to create a healthy, great-looking smile and improved wellbeing.


Making the Most of Your Smile

Your smile says a lot about you, and it’s often the first thing others notice. Studies show that a healthy smile can contribute to a healthy life. Dr. Peery delivers customized dental services to improve the look and feel of your smile.

Whether you’re searching for a dentist to provide regular checkups and cleanings, revitalize your smile with aesthetic treatments, restore your smile’s function with dental implants, or provide non-surgical gum disease treatment, you’ll find a dental home at our Charlotte office. Dr. Peery cares about your comfort and values your time. That’s why he offers laser dentistry. Lasers increase the comfort of dental procedures and decrease the time needed to perform a variety of treatments. We’re committed to you – and your distinctive smile!


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Call us today at (704) 365-4142 to schedule your appointment or consultation with Dr. Peery.

Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas since 1978, Dr. Peery will help you smile with confidence!

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